Jumat, September 07, 2007

Special Thanks

Special thanks for my being the second winner of the blog competition held by FIK Unika Soegijapranata Semarang to the following people:
1.Tabah, one of my ex student who has blog at for his encouraging me to join a blog competition held by That inspired me to join the competition held by FIK Unika Soegijapranata.
2.Angie, my Lovely Star, who is always supportive to me to do my hobby—blogging. She sometimes still acts like a child (like me to my dearest Mom LOL) but when I told her, “For my blog honey,” she would support me. She would let me work till late with the lamp on (she doesn’t like the lamp to be on when asleep.) She also was willing to accompany me to go around Semarang—our hometown—to take some pictures that I needed to post in my blogs. You can read what I have written about her at
3.My only Abang who always supports me to do this positive hobby of mine—blogging. (It is positive, isn’t it? LOL.) The cute notebook he gave me enabled me to go on working while Angie occupied the desktop when she wanted to finish reading the softcopy of Harry Potter’s last book. (The title is DEATHLY HALLOWS I assume.) Angis still sometimes acts like, “Who is the boss between us, Mama?” LOL. Dealing with ‘who can use the desktop at this time’, absolutely the cutie is the nicest solution. 
4.My blog visitors who have spent their time to drop by, read and leave valuable comments. I learn a lot from those comments. Besides, of course the visitors and their comments increased my point valued by the competition committees.  I know my articles are somewhat ‘heavy’ to “munch” so that they needed more time, energy, sharpness, and intellect for the visitors to write comments. (Please forgive me for my being intellectual snob. LOL. LOL.)
5.The committees of the blog competition.
Ridwan Sanjaya from Unika who has a blog at (Sir, you even look cuter in the reality than in the picture. LOL.)
Aulia Muhammad from Suara Merdeka whose blog can be viewed at (unfortunately he didn’t show up at the ceremony at Unika Soegijapranata).
Asep BS from Suara Merdeka, in charge of column "Desk Konek - Blogprint"
Arief Setya Budi from Telkom Semarang. (We met before some time in the past, but as we talked in the ceremony, we didn’t remember where and when. LOL. My Abang would laugh at me knowing that I am also just a forgetful person. LOL. In fact until now I am still curious where and when... at college? At KKN? At (ex) workplaces? At fitness center? But not on the bus or a train nor a plane. LOL. One thing for sure, it happend at the time when I was “inaccessible” to my writing anything, I suppose.)
Fany Ariasari from
That’s all.

P.S.: My indebtedness for The Almighty is my own privacy, not to be shared with others. LOL. (One example of similarity between Abang and me. “What is that Na?” Just try to figure it out by yourself. LOL.)
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