Kamis, Agustus 09, 2007

The Holiday

“… a vacation is supposed to be doing the unexpected…”

What kind of holiday is your favorite? Would you prefer spending your time in a beach with its white sand, blue sea, sunshine, the sound of waves and also seagulls? You can swim to your heart’s content; or you can build sand castles; at other times sunbathing to get tanned. Or would you spend it in a small cottage in a slope of a mountain during winter? You can build snowman, ski, etc. Would you like to spend your holiday with the one you love—such as your plus one—or with family members or a group of close friends? Or would you choose to be all alone?
This movie—THE HOLIDAY—gives a great idea to spend a holiday: exchanging homes and everything. The two main characters, Amanda Woods played by Cameron Diaz, living in a sunny area of Los Angeles exchanges dwelling place with Irish Simpkins played by Kate Winslet. The illustration that both of them are single, live on their own in their respective home perhaps makes this exchanging dwelling place for two weeks easier to do. Although both of them are single, they have different experience that makes them end up without a plus one. Irish’s boyfriend—Jasper—cheats her by having a relationship with another woman and then he gets engaged with the other woman; leaving Irish broken hearted. Amanda breaks her relationship with her boyfriend—Ethan—after he admits that he sleeps with his receptionist. Both of them have the same reason to leave their dwelling place temporarily: to forget the pain due to their unfaithful boyfriends..
Can both of them forget their boyfriends who have made them broken-hearted? Will they find someone new in the new place that will help them forget the pain?
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