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Daydream: Vacation in Jogja

“I am in a bit personal crisis, and I found myself in a total stranger’s home in a town that I cant even remember the name and strangely you showed up and you are insanely good-looking, and really drunk and probably you won’t remember me anyway and I am thinking that we should have sex … if you want. … I thought it was exciting … this is what a vacation is supposed to be that I want to do in my entire life: doing the unexpected … and you are definitely unexpected.” (Amanda Woods in THE HOLIDAY)

Do you agree?
Or not?
Well, to some extent probably I would love to do what Amanda illustrated above: spending holiday in an unexpectedly wonderful place, with an unexpectedly good-looking guy, doing unexpectedly heavenly lovemaking with that adorable guy that will make me feel adorable too with the way he looks at me, touches me and everything else. LOL.
However if you ask me at the moment what kind of vacation I want to have desperately now is not that. I want to spend it in my klangenan city, Jogja, without that unexpectedly irresistibly charming guy and doing many other unexpected things. Do you want to hear my illustration of my expected vacation?
First, as I wrote above: I want to spend it in Jogja.
Second, I want to stay in Ishiro Hotel located in Swakarya, Jalan Kaliurang km 5. Why Ishiro? Because this hotel is the one located the closest to my ex boarding house. Better still in my opinion is to stay in that ex boarding house of mine, if the landlady lets me rent one room (especially my ex boarding room) for some days, let’s say a week. What do I expect? To get my nostalgia back!
Okay, let us suppose I can stay in my ex boarding room. One thing that is somewhat complicated is to take my dearest desktop there. However, since my nostalgia involves typing or scribbling something in a computer, (besides, at the moment I cannot pass one day up without scribbling something) I can bring my cutie notebook with me. (Always thanks to my Guardian Angel who has given that cutie to me.)
What will I do?
I want to present the days after the thesis examination was over. It means that I don’t need to set the alarm clock in the early morning, let’s say at 4 am to wake me up early to think of what to write for my thesis. I can linger on the bed until, well let’s say 6 am. I will make a cup of coffee after waking up. While enjoying the hot coffee with some snacks maybe, I will scribble in the cutie. Anything. I am not busy with my thesis but I love to make myself busy by typing anything to post in my blogs. It is indeed so relaxing.
Around 9 or 10 I will go to ‘94’ food stall across from ‘Barek’ foodstall to have breakfast. I used to love eating some gudangan, fried tempe and tofu, omelet, and some krupuk. Perhaps I need to go to ‘Gading Mas’ supermarket to buy some things I need, such as mineral water, bread, instant noodle, etc. After putting my purchase in the boarding room, I will go around UGM campus, on foot. Absolutely I will choose the way I used to take. This time with my mobile phone, Samsung SGH X-640, I can take pictures of some memorable buildings, such as the rector office, Balairung, some faculties, Graha Sabha Pramana, etc.
I will drop by at ‘American Corner’ library located at UPT Perpustakaan I, to take a look at some books, to enjoy the quiet atmosphere (that used to make me sleepy LOL). I don’t think I can drop by at Pasca Sarjana library because I am not a student there anymore.
From the library, I will walk back to Selokan Mataram and drop by at Hasilnet cyber café to go online. Having lunch at Pak To is the next thing to do.
From Pak To, I will go back to the boarding house, to prepare myself to go swimming in the swimming pool of UNY. I’ll go there on foot as I used to do in the past. Swimming until around 8pm!!! Wow, I love it a lot.
Arriving back in the boarding room from the swimming pool, I believe I will be very tired and sleepy. So? Yeah, I can scribble for a moment in the cutie, then go to bed. To help me fall asleep more easily (suppose my eyes are not really sleepy yet although I swim for around two hours in succession) I will read a book.
The following morning I will again wake up around 6 am. This time perhaps I will cook instant noodle for my breakfast, for old time’s sake.  While enjoying a cup of coffee, I can scribble anything to express what I keep in mind. Around 10/11, I will go to ‘Social Agency’ bookstore located on Jalan Gejayan, to take a look at the special shelves where books on feminism, gender, and women are put. If I have much spare money, I will take a look at any other book and buy some. Or I can also drop by at Toga Mas bookstore located in the corner of Jalan Gejayan and the north ring road.
Going back to the boarding room, I will prepare myself to go swimming. Before that I can drop by at one food stall, perhaps Pak To again, or ‘Barek’ (in case I want to eat with gudeg), or anywhere else to have my lunch.
From the swimming pool, I will do the same thing as the previous day.
Perhaps I will do similar things like this for about a week. Some other activities that I will do maybe are going to the Gedung Lengkung, the head office of Sekolah Pasca Sarjana UGM, just for old time’s sake, to see whether the building is still bent (apakah gedungnya masih melengkung sehingga masih pantas disebut Gedung Lengkung? LOL.) Probably I will also take a walk around Biology faculty, Pharmacy, Dentistry, until Sekip, the housing complex of UGM lecturers. When I was in the bachelor’s degree, I used to take morning walk around there for exercise.
I will also visit Mirota Kampus, not to buy anything important, again, just for old time’s sake. I will have lunch at RM ‘Ayam Goreng Ninit’, at ‘Warung Ijo” across from ‘Angkasa’ photocopy center on Jalan C. Simanjuntak.
I will drop by at Gramedia bookstore located on Jalan Sudirman. The atmosphere there is absolutely different from Gramedia bookstore in Semarang.
If in the past I seldom visited Malioboro, this time perhaps I will go there to buy some merchandise for Mom (she dreams of having a bag bought at Malioboro), sisters, and Angie. (In this day dream, I don’t involve Angie. It means she stays in Semarang. ) However if Angie spends the vacation together with me, well, I will buy something for her too (and absolutely she will join me to do the activities I wrote above. If not, she will just stay in the boarding room, I will rent lots of books in book rental for her.) I will also take her to the special place where people can feel like being in winter area, Sapphire something the name, located on Jalan Solo? I don’t remember the name.
On Sunday morning, I will take a walk around UGM because there are usually many people selling many kinds of things.
What a lovely and relaxing vacation for me.
It is always nice to daydream. :)
PT56 21.45 08080:)

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  1. Let us make an appointment to have a reunion in Jogja again mba, with mba Juli? how about that?
    I am missing you, missing our old days ...