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Fight for Your Soul Mate!

Fight for your soul mate!

A movie review of CRAZY, STUPID LOVE

‘A soul mate is someone without whom you cannot live,” some people say. Therefore, after you realize that you have found your soul mate, don’t ever let him or her go. Fight for him or her if you have to do that. Convince him or her that you belong together in order to reach happiness together.

That is the moral message conveyed by a movie entitled CRAZY, STUPID LOVE. This movie is starred by Julianne Moore as Emily, a 44-year old woman who has three children, Hannah (played by Emma Stone) who is going to be a lawyer, Robbie (played by Jonah Bobo), a teenager, and the youngest Molly (played by Joey King). Emily’s husband is Cal, a successful man. Steve Carrel plays well as Cal. And there is another central character, Jacob Palmer played by Ryan Gosling.

Cal met Emily when he was 15 years old and directly perceived that Emily would be his one and only soul mate. Despite his dad’s teasing – to say a girl was his soul mate at a very young age because a teenage boy usually ‘just’ had a crush on a girl and then would date many girls before deciding a girl was a soul mate – Cal married Emily who apparently was two years older. Their first daughter – Hannah – was born when Cal was 17 while Emily 19. Their marriage seemed to run well until one day Emily asked for a divorce after she had sex with another man, one workmate of hers named David Linhagen (played by Kevin Bacon). Emily feeling guilty asked asked for a divorce although afterwards she explained that she suspected herself to suffer from a mid-life crisis.

Getting married for around 25 years and Cal was the first boy dating her – for both of them their spouse was their first love – obviously made Emily bored. She started to feel that she needed to be alone, not always be together with Cal when doing something. As other people who admit that they suffer from a mid-life crisis, Emily perhaps also was questioning herself whether she was still able to attract men or not. She was ‘satisfied’ when finding that David adored her.

Meanwhile, feeling content with his life, Cal never thought that he needed to stll pay attention to his physical appearance and showed any romanticism he once did when he tried to win Emily’s heart. He even directly lost his spirit to keep Emily as his soul mate. He gave in by directly saying he would sign any document (for divorce) Emily needed and leave the house.

At another side of the story, Robbie – the thirteen year old son of the couple – fell in love with Jessica (played by Analeigh Tipton), his baby sitter and as his dad at a very young age, Robbie was also very sure that Jessica was his soul mate. On the contrary, Jessica secretly had a crush on Cal! ^__^

Another central character is Jacob Palmer. He ‘helped’ Cal to find back his confidence to face women, by trying to ‘change’ Cal to be like himself – a so-called womanizer. However, later on Jacob turned out to envy Cal’s steady life by only having one woman in his life after meeting Hannah, Cal’s the first child. For sure, Cal disapproved Hannah’s relationship with Jacob due to Jacob’s ‘reputation’ as a womanizer and Cal saw his ‘action’ with his very own eyes.

How does the story end?

Watch it! It is very entertaining, trust me. :)

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