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My fellow Semarang dwellers,
How sure are you that you know each part of this beloved city of ours? Take a look at the following pictures.
The first picture:

This is the first impressive building for me when the first time I passed artery road, from somewhere in Tanah Mas area until the end of the artery road, the junction among the artery road, the Kaligawe road, and the Terboyo bus terminal. This building is apparently a part of many “new” buildings (new for me, who is the homebody type. LOL.) at the Tanjung Mas port.

The second picture is also the second building attracting me when passing the artery road. Especially for my regular blog visitors, I passed the road the first time some time in December, when Kaligawe area was flooded so that Pak Har, one of my students of Bank Jateng Demak, drove his cute car to Demak via artery road. I, as the passenger, enjoyed the scenery I could see outside the car window. :)
The other impressive scenery along the artery road is the sea!

Before coming to the sea, you can see many areas made to be embankments, or whatever you call it. When I don’t get bored looking at the sea, or embankment sceneries along the artery road, I remember my “dream” to live exactly at the side of one beach, with its beautiful white sand, and its very blue sea water, so that every time I wake up in the morning, going out of my dwelling place, I will always see those lovely sceneries. However, tsunami disasters happening in some places force me to forget this “dream” of mine. Instead, well, at the moment, I can go on living in Semarang, and often spend time to go along the artery road. LOL.
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