Selasa, Januari 22, 2008

Bad Experience to be Good

Should people need a “bad experience” first to be good people?
This is the story of one student of mine. His parents told him to be patient when driving so that he wouldn’t get any accident or any other bad experience. Driving a car needs patience more than riding a motorcycle especially during traffic jam, because a car cannot sneak among any other vehicles as easily as a motorcycle.
Unfortunately, one day he got up very late so that he had to be in a hurry to attend an English class at campus. He had passed two red traffic lights safely when he got his ‘lesson’. At the third traffic light, a car driven by a quite old man stopped in front of his car. He could not stop his car on time so that he crashed the back of the old man’s car. There were some policemen in one police post not far from there. He eventually got caught red handed.
As a result, he was too late to go to campus. To make it worse, he had been absent for several times in that English class. He wouldn’t be able to follow the exam if his attendance was less than 75%.
What was the lesson he somewhat forced to get from his bad experience?
He didn’t dare to oversleep. He always tried his best to wake up early on the particular day when he had the English class, to come early to campus.
“If on that day I could pass all the traffic lights safely, to arrive at campus on time, I would wake up late afterwards, and would get problems to be in a hurry every time going to campus,” he admitted.
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