Kamis, Maret 27, 2008

Flood ... flood ... flood

It has been raining very often in Semarang recently. This is understandable because this is still the rainy season. However, as far as I remember, this rarely happens. I mean, not to see the sunshine for several weeks in succession in Semarang is not something very common to happen, despite during the rainy season. Due to this, I have become somewhat spoilt, especially in terms of taking a shower. I have to boil some water first so that I can use warm water for shower. Besides, I always depend on the dryer in the washing machine to dry the clothes I just wash.
However, this post will not focus on this kind of thing. 
Last Thursday February 21 on my way back from Demak after teaching at Bank Jateng Demak, I was trapped in a flooded area. I had to ride my dearest motorcycle at that time because Pak Har, my ‘ojek driver’ LOL, couldn’t give me a lift. His car was broken, he said. That Kaligawe is always flooded when there is big rain is something everybody knows. And I already know the alternative way to avoid Kaligawe, that is through ‘the artery road’. Nah, the flood recently also reached the ‘mouth’ of the artery road. Willy nilly I had to pass the flooded area and I didn’t have any idea how deep the flood was.
When I was thinking what I would do, a kid, perhaps around ten until twelve years approached me, asking me politely,
“Wanna pass the flooded area Ma’am? Here, let me help you. You get down from your motorcycle first and I will push it to pass this flooded area. The machine of your motorcycle will be safe. And you just walk behind me.”
I knew the boy just needed some money from me. And of course I didn’t mind it at all. So, I let him do what he said and I followed him while taking some pictures of what was going on around me. I have read articles in the newspaper how flood could give people a chance to get some extra money. And I experienced it myself. 
Here are some pictures I took at that time (around 09.00 am Thursday 21 February 2008).

My dearest hometown, with its common problems, especially during the rainy season.
PT56 11.25 25022008

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